Monday, January 8, 2018

IKEA Bucket Turned Toy Storage

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IKEA Bucket toy chest
The Princess is starting to accumulate quite a few toys at our house and storage was becoming a problem. We were checking out the new IKEA last week and I snapped up this super cheap bucket to turn into a toy chest for her. Because, you know,, she has her own room here for some reason. 

To complete this project I am using the new Ultra FX vinyl from StyleTech . Y'all... it is SUPER glittery.  Super. Glittery. Both layers of her name and the bubbles are Ultra FX. 

layered glitter vinyl
 Sparkle for miles y'all. You are going to love this stuff. I used a simple font to type out the words, ungrouped the letters, then nudged the letters a little closer together. I used the offset tool to create the bottom layer and really made it a good size- almost double what the standard is. I really wanted that glitter to show! Here I am using Purple and Aquamist Ultra FX.

Multiple layers of vinyl
I have been waiting on an excuse to use this cute seahorse I bought from the Silhouette store some time ago! For this little critter I used Yellow Luster for the bottom layer, Lemon Lime Transparent Glitter for the middle layer, and Apple Green Polished Metal for the detail layer. The bubbles are the same Aquamist I used in the name. 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Best Craft Room Organization using Deflecto

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It is no secret that I love to have my supplies organized. I simply cannot craft when my room is messy! With the New Year I like to take a look at my studio and see what needs a little update and re-do. So today I want to share my very best craft room organization tips using amazing Deflecto products.

 I use lots of different medias when creating my scrapbook pages and other projects. This bin was clearly not the best way to keep everything in order! It was a huge mess that took me forever to find what I wanted.
The tilt out bins are amazing for keeping your supplies organized but also having everything clearly visible and easily within reach - which is super important to keep track of your stuff. The bins can easily be removed to take to your work surface - and then slip right back in  when you are done. On this set of bins I removed several of the actual bins to better store my paints. They fit perfectly 9 to an opening and I can see in an instant which color I want.  To see more about this project go here.

For years I had a variety of  buckets and bins on my desk to hold small supplies. It drove me nuts and I finally found a great way to keep everything in it's place. The Rotating Organizer is the perfect solution for me

I removed the tops from the bins for easy access. I was able to put SO MANY different supplies in them and eliminate all the oddball buckets on my desk.The best thing- it SPINS! So I can just move it around to get what I want. To see more on how I used the Rotating Organizer go here.

Do you use lots of punches? I sure do and there are a few that I use on every project it seems. The Stackable Cube Organizer is my solution to keep my most used punches close at hand.  To see how I decorated this cute cube go here.

The Stackable Cube Organizers are so incredibly handy- I use them in so many ways. The 4 Drawer Cube Organizer is perfect for holding smaller pieces (and washi tape!) To see more on this project go here.

Did I mention how handy these cubes were??? Markers store in the X cube - this is the entire set of Tombow Dual Brush markers in ONE PLACE! 

Speaking of marker storage,,,,, the Stackable Caddy is my favorite! Amazing storage and it's portable!!  The Marker Storage Inserts easily pull out and sit on your work surface when needed.
To see more on the caddy go here.

Every desk needs something pretty and functional. The Pencil Cup with Photo Frames can be decorated anyway you want. I made this fun project for my DD1 and it looks lovely on her work desk. To see the details on this project go here.

You can find Deflecto products on Amazon, Scrapbook dot com, and at your local craft stores. Happy New Year and happy organizing!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Starry Night Etched Cake Plate

I have a real thing for cake plates. Like,,, I have a lot of them. Really,,, a lot of them. I bought this beautiful blue one a few years ago to use for a really small wedding cake. It has been sitting around since then in the cabinet. I decided to use some etchall® etching creme to add some fun decor to it. I created this fun Starry Night etched plate using just a few supplies.

One of my favorite tools that I use all the time in my projects is a small Fiskars hand punch that I bought years ago - a little star punch. It is about 3/4" and so very versatile! I punched my etchmask using the star punch and applied the stencils all around the edge of the plate. I taped off all the other areas to make sure that I didn't accidentally etch some where else. I am very prone to that. 

Apply the etching creme and let it sit for 15 minutes. Return the excess creme to the jar and rinse the plate. After I dried everything I used some fun new inks from ColorBox to color in the etched space. I like to do this before I remove the stencil from the project- it just seems to work so much better. This ink dries so quickly that I was able to put two light coats on the etched areas in about 2 minutes. I used a cheap dollar store make up sponge to apply it.

After the ink is dry, pull all the tape and stencils off.

You are left with beautiful stars! I love how this turned out. It was a super easy project that used supplies I already had on hand - always a bonus!

Be sure to try all the amazing products from etchall - and check out the website for fun projects and ideas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Harry Potter KitchenAid Mixer

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Harry Potter Mixer

Do you know a Harry Potter fan? My DD2 is a HUGE fan. She had a mixer on her Christmas list this year - but I really wanted to jazz it up. It was a no brainer that I would add some Harry Potter fun to it, but it took me a while to settle on the exact design. Plus, the lift style mixer doesn't have as much room on the neck as the tilt head mixer - so that was a challenge too. The space was narrow- I only had about 3" on each side to work with.

The "Potions Master" is about 1.25" high and 7" long. I added some extra stars around the words to dress it up.  (Note: Both sides of the mixer have the same designs)

Potions Master Mixer
I used Styletech vinyl, Glossy and Luster for this project.
  • Silver Luster #885
  • Bright Green Luster #902
  • Black #499
For this design, I cut each color and applied them individually to the mixer, rather than layering them together first. This was such a simple design that putting each color on individually was just quicker and easier!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Star Light, Star Bright Votives

Upcycled baby food jars
I don't know about you, but it is physically impossible for me to throw away baby food jars! I just can't do it. I used a few of the ones I had on hand to make these fun Star Light, Star Bright Votive candle holders that can be used at pretty much any party. New Year's Eve? Check! Christmas? Check! Baby shower? Check! Birthday party? Check! 
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These were so easy to make. Here is the super short supply list:

etched votive holders

Start by punching a bunch of star shapes from the vinyl/etchmask™. Remove the backing from the stars and apply them INSIDE the jars. Use as many or as few as you like- whatever looks good to you! Make sure they are firmly pressed down - because we are using the liquid we don't want any space for it to leak under the vinyl.

etching glass jars
Place the jars on a flat, level surface and carefully fill with the dip 'n etch™ liquid. Set your timer to 15 minutes and then go have a cup of coffee. Or a cupcake. Whatever, I don't judge!  When the timer goes off, pour the dip 'n etch™ back into the bottle making sure not to get any on the outside of the jars.

Rinse the inside of the jars and dry well. Remove the stars and decorate as desired! See, easiest craft ever - and the most versatile.  Be sure to check out the etchall™